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Focusing on Carbon Fiber Automotive Accessories and Helmets

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carbon fiber car accessories

There are many types of carbon fiber car accessories. Some common carbon fiber car accessories include: grilles, hoods, light assemblies, mirrors, pillars, seats, sills and spoilers.

carbon fiber helmet

There are many types of carbon fiber helmets, including full-face, modular 3/4, and vintage styles. They vary in appearance and function and can be chosen based on your needs.

Bulaisi Carbon Fiber

Bulaisi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber products for over 10 years. Our experienced team works closely with customers to create custom-made solutions that meet their specific needs. We combine advanced technology and innovative design to deliver the highest level of performance and safety. At Bulaisi Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., we are committed to excellence and constantly strive to improve and expand our product line.

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Custom Automotive Accessories

tailor-made carbon fiber accessories for car.

Custom Carbon Fiber Helmets

Advanced technology and innovative design for performance and safety.

Mold-Based Customization

Custom-made products based on your specific mold specifications.

Short Production Cycle

Timely delivery without compromising on quality or performance.

Global Trade

Delivering our high-quality carbon fiber products to customers worldwide.

More Custom Products

Customization services for a wide range of carbon fiber products.

The carbon fiber helmets we produce

The car accessories we produce

Customized carbon fiber tube for customers

Other customized products

Customer review

Recognition from global dealers

“As a distributor of high-performance automotive components, we were looking for a reliable supplier of custom carbon fiber parts. This company delivered with top-quality products and excellent customer service. Our customers love their carbon fiber body panels and interior components.”
“We distribute high-end sports equipment and were in need of a supplier of custom carbon fiber helmets. This company exceeded our expectations with their advanced manufacturing capabilities and attention to detail. Our customers rave about the lightweight.”
Sales consultant
“As a distributor of motorcycle gear, we were looking for a supplier of custom carbon fiber helmets and accessories. This company delivered with innovative design and engineering capabilities. Our customers appreciate the high-quality products and excellent customer service.”

Introduction to Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

Carbon fiber/carbon fiber composite material is mostly composed of fibers formed by carbon. With a specific gravity of around 1.8 to 2.2, it has the characteristics of being lightweight but strong and rigid. Carbon fiber is usually used as a carbon fiber composite material with a resin base.

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